iDate Awards

By entering the iDate Awards Competition for the Online Dating Industry, entrants agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions may render an entrant ineligible for the Awards.


The iDate Awards Competition for the Online Dating Industry is open to all organizations and individuals involved in designing, building, managing, maintaining, marketing or promoting Dating / Personals Related Websites, including: Software, Advertising, Matchmaking, and Mobile content for consumer or general audiences. Entries must have been in general use for any portion of the current calendar year. Entries are not required to have been created in the current year.

Entries that have won awards in past iDate Awards competitions are eligible for the current competition. An entrant can nominate from one to all of the categories. A completed online entry form must accompany each entry. Verification by email is required for voting and/or nominations.

3rd Parties may nominate websites and companies they deem worthy of nomination. A party may also nominate themselves and also vote for themselves.

Nominations can be only submitted by one individual at one time for any one category. An individual can not submit a nomination or vote on any category more than once.

Unacceptable Entrants

Entrants that contain pornographic material, propagate "hate" messages, make defamatory statements, or which are otherwise extraordinarily offensive are not eligible to become nominees. Administrators of the competition have the right do determine what is and what is not pornographic, "hate," defamatory and/or offensive.

The iDate Awards organizers reserve the right to re-categorize entries if, at its sole discretion, the organizers consider that it is appropriate to do so. Entrants that do not provide the service, technology or action listed in the adequate voting category may be re-categorized at the sole discretion of the organizers.

Employees, contractors and relatives of the Internet Dating Conference management, Courtland Brooks, Moss Networks, Online Personals Watch, Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc., are not allowed to nominate or vote.


Ineligible nominees may be disqualified at any phase of the competition without notification.

A nominee with total amount greater than 5% of all nominations / votes for a given category will be scrutinized more closely. If fraud or ballot box stuffing is suspected on a significant scale, then all nominations or votes for that nominee will be disqualified.

Final Nominees

Each IDEA member is allowed for each category one nomination. The general public are also allowed the same. IDEA member nominations and the general public votes will be combined to represent 100% of the nomination votes. The top 5 (or 6) websites with the most nominations will be considered finalists and be official nominees for the awards.

No one site or company can be a finalist for more than two (2) categories. In the event of a finalist having 3 or more nominations, the 2 categories with the most nominations will be counted and the other categories will be voided.

Final nominees are provided one complimentary seat to the corresponding annual iDate Awards Ceremony, taking place in January. Regardless of the number of final nominations, a limit of one (1) complimentary seat is offered per company. The finalist must be seated no later than five (5) minutes after the cocktail reception in order to recieve the same meal and table arrangements as others attending the ceremony.

Acknowledgment of Entrants

Entrants will receive an email acknowledgment when they have been accepted as an official nominee for the final voting stage. Entrants can withdraw their name from the final round, but must do so in writing via email.

Entrants will also be added to an email list for notification of future awards and business conferences. Entrants may withdraw their names permanently from those lists by clicking the opt-out link at the bottom of any future email they will receive.

Nomination / Voting

Each IDEA member is allowed one vote for each category. The general public are also allowed the same, with one vote per person. IDEA member nominations and the general public will be calculated as representing 100% of the popular votes. The site with the most votes will be considered the winner of the competition. These proportions may be changed and will be announced on the message boards.

The winner will be announced and awarded at the iDateAwards Ceremony of the Internet Dating Conference, taking place in January each year.

Terms and Conditions of Entry/Usage

The iDate Awards are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.

Entries must be live and available on the Internet from the date of entry through the award ceremony, and accessible via http and standard Web browsers.

Submission of any entry acknowledges the right of the iDate Awards to use the name for exhibition, promotion and publication purposes in any medium in relation to the awards ceremony.

Timely submission of an entry meeting the eligibility requirements as stated herein ensures that an entrant's site will be reviewed and considered for recognition. No other representation or warranty is made by the iDate Awards concerning entries and all implied warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed.

If an entry receives an award, the manner and details of announcing such nomination and award is strictly within the discretion of the iDate Awards. Entrant understands that all awards may not be given or publicized in the same manner and some might be presented in a ceremony and others might not.

The iDate Awards judges' decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into regarding the judging process or any outcomes reached.

Foreign Language Entries

Websites/Mobile: While non-English speaking entries are not explicitly forbidden, work must be accessible to our predominantly English speaking judges. In categories that may not depend on language, such as (but not limited to) Design and non-English speaking sites are eligible if they are highly visual or otherwise not dependent on language.

Interactive Advertising: Display/Banner entries in Foreign languages, the comment section must be used to provide translation in the online entry system.

Online Film & Video: All Online Film & Video related entries in a foreign language MUST be dubbed or subtitled.

No Warranty

No representation or warranty is made and all implied warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed. In no event shall the Internet Dating Conference, its organizers, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, attorneys, agents and representatives be responsible or liable for any damages or losses of any kind, including direct indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising out of participant's involvement in or entry into the Awards.

Governing Law

The construction, validity and performance of the Terms are exclusively governed by the laws of the State of New York. If any provision of the terms are held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable such holding shall not affect any other provision hereof, and the terms shall be construed as if the invalidated or unenforceable provision had not been contained.